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100% absolutely


Remember how Teen Titans had a lesson about Racism without blatantly bringing Cyborg’s Race into it?

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heavy lifting

damn you got huge


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I know who this is, and I hope to be as huge as him!

LEXUS LFA by Marcel Lech on Flickr.


Photography by Sean Klingelhoefer



Is this Johanna Mason from the hunger games?

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Anonymous asked: What kind of workouts do you do? I would love to be anywhere from three hundred to three hundred and fifty pounds. But, at two hundred and fifty I have no stamina at all. I have lost the ability to dance, any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Well I do a variety of things like weight training, cardio, and tons of yoga. With weight training I look to boost up my muscle mass and my strength so that I may carry my weight more efficiently. Typically each day I focus on different body parts and by the end of the week I’ve usually worked out everything. For weight training I’m usually in the gym 4 or 5 days a week… Usually 4. In this realm if you want specific exercises is always a good place to start.
Now for the dreaded cardio which no one ever seems to like lol. I’m a martial artist so I work on my skills often. Usually about 4 to 5 times a week as well. I’m a dancer so I practice often (all the time ha). In the gym I usually do a small bout of cardio after my weight training workout. This could be anything from the elliptical to the bike or I just go out for a jog. For someone of your weight I would recommend sticking to an elliptical or a bike since it’s low impact (better on the knees). I typically stick to 10 to 15 min of cardio though sometimes I’ll go way beyond. I do enough of it from the dancing and martial arts. Don’t be too afraid of losing weight. You’re not going to shed everything from a little bit of cardio… And besides its good for your general health.
Now there comes yoga aka stretching. Whenever I workout I spend 10 minutes or so going through my routine. It helps lengthen the muscles which increases your range of motion, speeds up muscle recovery which helps increase muscle mass and strength. Coupled with cardio it’s excellent for upping your blood circulation.
I could sit here and go through a long list of exercises that I do but that would take forever since I change things up often, which brings me to my final point: “always change things up.” Our bodies are made to adapt to whatever we do to them therefore in order to spur change we have to constantly change what we do by either changing the exercises we utilize during our workouts and or changing up things in our diets etc. Again if you are looking for specific exercises you could go to that website I posted.
You could also just inbox me with questions and stop being anon so we could chat a little about specific things you could do… It’s an option just saying lol. And if you have a specific goal in mind some exercise is always better than no exercise. Each workout pushes you towards your goal and essentially the only bad workout is the one that you don’t do.



Budgie Balancing Trick.

the Bird IS

the sAme COLour as



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